Everything you want to know about the basecoat

I've been getting so many questions about the basecoat lately. That's why I'm writing this post about it.

The 3 most frequently asked questions about the Overnight basecoat I get are:

  1. Do I have to use a base coat
  2. When should I apply the base coat
  3. To shower or not to shower

    Do I have to use a base coat
    We recommend using a base coat if you have very light skin or if you know you sweat a lot on stage. The contrast between your white skin and the match tan is less than when you sweat and your match tan runs out. A base coat does not run. (but unfortunately does not get dark enough to use as a competition tan).

    If you have very light skin, it can be useful if you already have a brown base layer that the competition tanning still goes over. There is also an ingredient in all base coats that makes your skin a bit drier. And that's good for the competition tanning. Because in general it is true that the drier your skin, the better the match tan takes.
    That is why you often see that with the 40+ master athletes, the tan takes hold very well or is nice and dark faster. That's because your skin gets a little drier as we age.

    When should i apply the basecoat
    A base coat contains an ingredient that makes a reaction with your dead skin cells. This causes your dead skin cells to turn brown. That ingredient needs some time to absorb properly.

    With the Pro Tan basecoat this is 8 hours and with the Yourock basecoat 4 hours. You should therefore not shower or sweat excessively within that time.

    If you want to make optimal use of your base coat, I advise you to apply it 24 hours in advance. If your game is on Sunday then I would bring in the Overnight on Saturday afternoon, then you can also take a nice shower before you go to bed and you might sleep a little better.

    To shower or not to shower
    As you have read above, the base coat needs some time to color. And if you apply the base coat yourself, it is useful that it contains a brown bronzer so that you can see where you left off and do not forget any spots. That is what the bronzer is meant for that is in a base coat.
    The bronzer will therefore disappear into the shower drain as soon as you take a shower, this is not a problem because the ingredient that will give you your tan has already been absorbed and will become even darker.

    In principle, it does not matter whether or not you take a shower after applying the base coat, PROVIDED that the bronzer is still evenly applied. So if you wake up in the morning with handprints or other marks on your body, please take a shower. Because if you apply a competition bronzer or spray tan over a stained base coat, the stains will only get worse.

    I also advise you to shower if you see that the base coat gives you a gray or orange glow.This almost always means that the bronzer that is in the base coat does not match the undertone of your skin. You can then wash it off better to be sure, before the competition bronzer goes over it.

    Hope it has become a bit clearer now how to use the basecoat. And otherwise you can always send a message and / or photo for advice.

    Below are some more tips.

    ✔ Preferably store the base coat in a cool dark place after use. Not in a hot bathroom. If you don't have a cool place in the house in the summer, you can store it in the fridge.

    ✔ If you want to use the base coat again after a few months, first check whether the quality is still good. Self-tanners that have been standing for a long time will have the bronzer in them turning green.

    ✔ Be careful with dogs! they often find the self-tanner tastes good, so make sure that your dog does not kisses you ;-) within the first 4 or 8 hours! because then you have a white spot there.

    ✔ Tip for men, you can possibly paint your nails with a transparent nail polish if you want to make sure that the tan does not penetrate your nails. But if you wipe your nails with a wet cotton pad after tanning, that's fine too. Of course, this also applies to ladies with natural nails.

    ✔ Preferably let yourself dry for 10 minutes after applying before putting on clothes. You can use a hairdryer to speed up the drying process.

    ✔ Make sure you put on loose clothing after tanning, so no tight jeans or bra.

Claudia Bulsing