Blue-purple veins indicate a cool undertone.

If you have a cool undertone, competition bronzers that contain violet and caramel pigments generally look best on you.

If you click on the products below, there is another product photo of the color.

The Yourock Extreme bronzer has yellow and red pigments and generally suits most athletes.

We especially recommend the Yourock Amber bronzer for athletes with a cool undertone who do not want to go on stage super dark.
If you participate in a competition that is not held in a theater, there is a good chance that the stage lighting is slightly less strong and then a super dark competition bronzer is often not necessary.

If you still want to make it darker, you can mix it with the Yourock Extreme bronzer or Yourock Black booster drops. 

The Yourock competition bronzers can also be used as an Overnight basecoat.